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But I’ve seen it happen too many times to count.

True story: It was the beginning of a busy Saturday evening at this great Italian restaurant I know. Food’s wonderful and the ambiance is perfect over a beautiful tile floor. One of the night’s first customers had a lovely meal, and the server brought the bill with a Move/5000 payment unit to the table. She handed the terminal to the customer who just briefly looked away and there it went to the floor, in a blink of an eye.

This is a little recreation of what that looked like:

Gif of move 5000 dropping on tile ground and breaking

So, here’s the damage report: Printer lid popped off, unit back and battery broke away, the spindle and its sprocket flew off and across the floor. They found everything but the sprocket. But, without that, the printer won’t work at all and the machine was toast until it could be fixed or replaced. That wouldn’t be until Monday. Weekends are their biggest money-makers of the whole week.

That’s why I designed the very first Canuck Cover, now called the Deluxe. There are models that fit perfectly on every major payment unit.

The machine-sewn, medium-weight nylon shell provides a cushion that reduces the risk of catastrophic damage and prevents all those tiny parts from scattering into places where they may never be found.

And this is what that looks like:

GIF of move 500o dropping on tile ground in a Canuck Cover and does not break

No guarantee but, if it happens to you, you might be able to pick your machine up, look around to make sure nobody saw, and go back to work. Yes! That’s what I’m talking about.

What I didn’t know at the time was just how important cleaning would become, and how over-sanitization would quickly become one of the major causes of POS machine failure, even ahead of the drop risk. Luckily, I designed the cover with a transparent PVC face that not only lends full visibility to the display and pin pad but also protects the payment unit’s inner electronics from cleansers, liquids, dirt, oils, etc. You just wipe it and move on to the next customer over and over again.

With that in mind, I designed the standard Canuck Cover. This less expensive model does not provide drop protection, but it does save your card machine from the damaging effects of cleaning fluids. Both covers allow inserts, swipes, taps, and printing without having to change them, let alone throwing them away like the disposable plastics I’m sure you’ve seen many businesses using.

Don’t wait for disaster to happen. Protect your business with one of our Canuck Covers at

Good day and good luck from,

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I really see delivery workers as heroes. They pass down our streets and roads on missions to our homes, bringing food, medicine, supplies, almost anything you need. Not always an easy job.

Bad things can happen during a delivery shift and I thought of a solution for one that’s particularly nasty: dropping the debit machine. No matter how good or bad your day is going, it will come to a sudden halt if your payment unit hits the ground and smashes into pieces.

True story: One busy Friday evening, a pizza delivery worker with hands full rushed out to the car, put the POS unit on the roof, opened the door and put the payload inside, then got in and started off. Long story short, the unit slid off and got run over. Here are the forensics:

IWL250 broken into many pieces

An extreme case, but in any machine-ground altercation, the ground almost always wins.

That’s why I designed the Canuck Covers Delivery Solution.

First, the best POS Protective Device Cover on the market wraps snugly around the unit, its perfectly fitted nylon shell providing enough cushion to reduce damage risk and, just as importantly, keeping all the tiny parts from scattering.

IWL250 and Move/5000 in Canuck Covers Deluxe

The cover’s transparent PVC face permits full visibility of the display and pin pad while protecting them and the inner electronics from cleansers, liquids, dirt, oils, etc. The payment unit is completely functional for inserts, swipes, taps, and printing, and is quick and easy to clean with no need to change it.

Sure, maybe you’re thinking even our Canuck Cover Deluxe wouldn’t have saved that little iWL250 unit in the pics. But its partner, the Canuck Carry Case just might have. Remember that the delivery person had hands full? That directly resulted in the unit going onto the roof when the car door had to be opened and all that hot pizza could get stuffed in for delivery to hungry customers. That wouldn’t have happened if it were safe in its bag.

Canuck Carry Bag closed. Canuck Carry Case closed

The Canuck Carry Case holds any mobile payment unit along with its charger, two rolls of printer paper, and more. It even has a handy front pocket for receipts. Here’s the kicker: it has a long, adjustable shoulder strap so you carry all your payment stuff in one place right against your body. Look Ma, no hands! And that, right there, reduces the risk of a delivery disaster.

Our delivery service customers love it, and their customers do, too! (We’ve heard their comments. 😊)

Delivery Heroes, we salute you! Check out our Canuck Covers Delivery Solution at

Good day and good luck from,

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I built the idea to make a POS terminal cover over many years, seeing how an electronic device—that fits in your hand but holds the key to revenue for any business—slips out of somebody’s hand and smashes into pieces on the floor or ground.

No problem! Just get a new one from the provider, right? It’s not that simple.

First, there’s downtime: the wait until this broken payment unit is fixed or replaced. On any day, night, or weekend, that can be bad for business, even crippling.

That’s why I designed Canuck Covers with a sturdy nylon frame to keep the machine intact if it drops. You have complete touch/swipe/insert functionality without having to take the cover off. The clear PVC face lets you see the display and punch the pin pad with no trouble at all.

This combination of high-quality materials gives our covers the added benefit of allowing easy, efficient sanitization between customers. Just spray and wipe with no worries about the harmful effects of cleansers on your machine’s sensitive electronic components. They don’t wreck it as fast as a drop will but there’s no question that over-sanitization is now a leading cause of POS device failure.

Canuck Covers are also environmentally friendly because you don’t change them or dump them into the garbage. Besides, they offer much better protection for your POS terminal, in all respects, than stick-on plastics that get thrown away.

I believe we have the right solution for you or somebody you know. We think the price is modest for such a wise, long-lasting business investment. I’m proud of what we’re doing, and invite you to check us out at

Good day and good luck from,

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