Where does the time go?

I don’t think that question comes to mind when we count the candles and see that Canada turns 154 years old on July 1st.

But it sure does for me because Canuck Covers turns 1 on the very same day.

Seems like a just a teeny while ago that I designed the very first

Deluxe cover, made 5 of them and sold them.

All my first customers were from here in the Okanagan, then around the province.

The website we built ourselves started getting noticed across the country: we got our first order from Québec just after Christmas followed by several from Ontario.

A milestone on Monday, March 8 — International Women’s Day — we got an order for covers from the eastern edge of Newfoundland, about as far as you can get in Canada from BC. Canuck Covers was coast to coast!

It’s not, of course, all about sales but hey, this is a business. We gotta keep the lights on in here. Along with the success we’re starting to have getting Canuck Covers onto POS machines and protecting them from the hazards of daily use, there’s been a lot of work behind the scenes.

Finding out from customers that drop protection was not a priority for many of them, I designed the Standard cover at a lower price point. A custom request led to the creation of the Square Terminal cover. (We do custom work, if possible, usually within a week.) We worked on getting word out. We re-built the website, ourselves—it’s a constant challenge, folks.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. We believe in our products and we’re constantly seeking improvements to serve you better.

But on the 1st birthday of Canuck Covers, I believe I’ll take a few minutes out on the deck to reflect on the past year, raise a toast to all my first customers, and start thinking about the year ahead.

Good day and good luck,

Hey, we’re having a special promotion with a nice discount on everything we make from June 28 to July 3. Check it out. Cheers!

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I like those little old neighbourhood cafés and stores that display their first sale ever by pinning a fiver on the wall behind the cash. Even more special when it’s a $1 or $2 bill ‘cause they’ve been out of circulation for (can you believe it?) around 30 years. (BTW, those are no longer legal tender, so if you have any stuffed away somewhere, they’re now souvenirs. Banks will redeem them, though.)

My first customer was T-Bones, an amazing meat market here in the Okanagan Valley, in business since 2004. Besides their excellent meats, they do a lot of delicious appetizers, sides, and desserts. Even a great pet section! I know all this because I’ve been a customer of theirs since long before I brought them one of the new Canuck Covers that I’d designed, in early 2020.

Long story short, they decided that protecting their POS machines would be a good thing and bought the cover. That was special, even right to this day when we’re selling Canuck Covers from one coast to another across Canada. I’ll always remember it.

Catie and Pam at T-Bones showing a Canuck Cover on the iCT250

Then they bought covers for all 5 of their locations, averaging 200 transactions per store, per day. They sanitize the cover on each payment unit before every customer so they can see it’s been cleaned. So my Canuck Cover babies have been put to the test for a whole year at a busy retailer. I dropped in to ask store manager Pamela how they’ve been performing at T-Bones.

Here’s a little bit of that convo…

Me: Have the covers helped with the amount of service calls you need for your payment devices?

Pamela: Well, at the beginning of COVID, we killed 5 machines across our stores in a very short time frame. Since we have had our covers, not one single call has been placed. The math shows itself.

Me: How do you like the Carry Case?

Pamela: We love it. We use it for delivery but mostly for our curbside pick-up that runs at all our locations. It’s nice to have hands-free when checking out with a customer. And we use the front pocket to store our receipts ‘til shift-end.

T-Bones store manager Pamela with her Move/5000 in a Canuck Cover Deluxe and the Canuck Carry Case over her shoulder.
T-Bones store manager Pamela with her Move/5000 in a Canuck Cover Deluxe and the Canuck Carry Case over her shoulder.

Thanks, Pamela. And thank you, T-Bones, for doing everything you do, and for being my very first customer! It touches my heart.

If you would like to be my next customer (or know somebody who should be), come see us at canuckcovers.ca. Click ASAP Service if you need anything quick.

Good day and good luck from,

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  • Catie Canuck

“Little things mean a lot.” Call it a cliché ‘cause it is one. Maybe it’s obvious to you. But sometimes ideas like these are backed up by research.

I came across a study in Services Marketing Quarterly called The Effect of Servicescape Cleanliness on Customer Reactions. It shows that “hygiene management perceived by customers plays an important role in explaining customers’ decision-making process and purchasing behaviour.”

The reason I started designing and making Canuck Covers was to protect retail POS machines from damage due to drops. They have a sturdy frame to cushion impact and prevent the various little parts of the mechanism from scattering. That saves time and trouble.

The sheer PVC face allows you to perform all payment functions without having to remove the cover or replace it, like you do with other products on the market or DIY solutions like plastic film. They don’t do a good job of protecting the machine anyway because cleansers seep in at the edges and degrade the electronics, leading to meltdown.

And those stick-on plastics with the adhesive tape look terrible. You can take the time and effort to change them often (do you want that in your day?) but plastic wrap and sticky tape don’t make a very good impression. They’re a waste of time and unfriendly to the environment. All-around crappy yucky.

You do not throw away our covers. You use them on your POS machines indefinitely. Give them a good cleaning in downtime. Otherwise, it’s just a quick spray and wipe between customers.

Canuck Covers look great. The black nylon frames a clear illumination of the bright display and a clean pin pad that you can punch all day long without wearing out the numbers. We chose a deep red for our logo and think it creates a handsome presentation. Our customers have said their customers like it a lot.

So, back to customer perceptions in that business study, if you think a clean, hygienic, attractive presentation is good for you, we think we can help you. Consider the modest investment of putting Canuck Covers on your payment machines, that critical interface between you and the people who are purchasing your goods or services. Because little things mean a lot.

Good day and good luck from,

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