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Canuck Covers — Serving Canadian Business for 2 years

Canuck Covers is two years old on July 1, 2022. We design and manufacture protective covers for payment devices, the best on the market, anywhere.

Located in British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan Valley, we started serving local businesses and now supply high-quality, highly effective covers to companies all the way to the opposite coast of Canada.

These include major organizations such as BC Ferries and a group of McDonald’s restaurants in southern Ontario. In a one-month test at a high-volume, drive-thru location, one of our covers went through 35,000+ transactions with no noticeable wear and zero machine failures.

Canuck Covers responded to their needs and specifications. And we will do the same for you, no matter the size of your company. In fact, small businesses make up the majority of our orders. Busy all week, they often contact us on Sundays and, more often than not, we ship on Monday.

Because we know it’s important. We’re a small business, too. But Canuck Covers is steadily growing, and we want the same for you. Let’s grow together.

Canuck Covers are 100% Made in Canada.

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