The Best All-Around POS Protection on the Market

Our range of products features liquid-resistant PVC screens with sturdy nylon frames that protect your POS unit from the most preventable causes of damage: liquids, handling, even drops!

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The Best All-Around POS Terminal Protection on the Market

Canuck Covers offers the best protection of your

debit/credit card payment devices against the

hazards of every-day usage.

Our range of products features liquid-resistant PVC screens with sturdy nylon frames that fit perfectly on

all major machine models, saving them from the

most preventable causes of damage:

liquids, handling, even drops!

Effective and durable, easy to apply and remove, our covers combine with the Canuck Carry Case (for mobile units) for the most versatile solutions on the market today.

We protect more than your payment units…

We protect your workflow and your business.

iCT250 Canuck Cover Deluxe POS protective cover

Not sure which device you have?

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and which covers will fit it perfectly!



Cleaning/disinfecting payment terminals has never been more important.


The side-effect is that over-sanitizing has become a leading cause (second only to chip/tap failure) of POS device malfunction.

The problem is that cleaning fluids (whether from wipes, spray, etc.) inevitably enter the devices, causing LED and printer damage, keypad failure, short-outs and corrosion, all the way to motherboard destruction.

Any one of these will knock your POS unit out of commission, resulting in inconvenience at the least,

and lost sales at the worst.

You can sanitize our covers without worrying about the device underneath.

This is important!

Clover with a Canuck Cover Small POS protective cover

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Ecologically Sensible
Economically Sound

Canuck Covers cares about the environment.

While progress is coming to reduce single-use plastics, we see businesses having little choice but to use hard-to-recycle, throw-away plastic coverings to protect their POS devices.

With no affordable solutions on the market, many turned to DIY methods to meet the sanitization challenge.

Most common is a sandwich bag over the POS machine.

It looks unprofessional and a baggie cannot be cleaned neatly and effectively so it’s discarded and replaced with another.

It’s a business expense that adds up, and the damage to our environment from so much plastic waste is incalculable.

Our covers are made to last, not to throw away

between uses or even when the day is over.

All you need is a quick wipe-down after each customer

and regular cleaning to maintain the health and appearance of a much-used, front-and-centre business tool.

One wise purchase of a Canuck Cover and you have a

long-term solution for what was an everyday headache, and you’ll be part of a solution for a world-wide pollution problem.

It adds up.

Move5000 with a Canuck Covers Medium POS protective cover

We have covers that fit the Move/5000 (shown) perfectly, along with all other payment terminals.

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We designed our credit card machine covers

to make sense on the job for you and your people.

That means no fussing: having to peel back coverings to access a swipe, then having to put on a new one to protect your unit while customers wait.

With our covers, just open, swipe the card, and close.

Move right along.

Canuck POS Protective Covers are coated to resist water, other liquid spills, UV, mould, and rot.

They’re machine-sewn by skilled artisans using 

high-quality materials that are sturdy and quick and easy to clean, remove and replace, again and again.

Furthermore, our covers are neat and attractive,

putting the best face forward for your business.

That matters.

VX520 Canuck Cover Large POS protective cover

We cover all makes and models!


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Canuck POS Protective Covers prevent payment device failure because they’re made of high-quality materials and wrap around the device.

Other covers in use are often some type of see-through plastic that’s simply stuck onto the front of the unit. These are ineffective because the disinfectant inevitably seeps in around the edges.

That’s also a problem with the silicone membranes you may find on the POS terminals at some fast-food restaurants.

Constant sanitization causes degradation to a point where you can’t read the pin pad and the membranes curl up, turn brown, and require expensive replacement.

Some covers wrap around devices but have to be removed to perform card functions.

Canuck Covers have a ripstop nylon frame that wraps down the sides (all the way around the back on some models) of the machine where Velcro fasteners close and hold it snugly.

It is easily opened to swipe cards and quickly closed again.

The PVC window makes the display and pin pad fully visible and allows for swift and effective sanitization.

Our covers last long, look great, and feel good in your hand.

Even with these practical advantages, Canuck Covers are budget-smart, especially when you consider their durability.


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Protect Your POS Device Against Drops

We understand the needs of businesses that depend on portable credit/debit machines. That's why we designed and built covers that protect hand-held POS units.

The Canuck Cover Deluxe has a medium-weight nylon shell that provides cushioning when a unit hits the floor or ground. If the machine’s lid pops off (as it usually will) on impact, the snug fit of the cover with its Velcro closure ensures the vital parts inside do not fly off and roll away.

They stay right where they are.

We know from experience what can happen on a delivery. 

Get a Canuck POS Protective Cover

and save yourself the grief.

Even better, reduce the risk of drops with the

Canuck Carry Case (pictured).

Its adjustable cross-body strap lets you work hands-free;

it has room for typical accessories and a front pocket for receipts, while remaining compact in size.

Canuck Carry Bag

There’s a Canuck Cover Made for You

We are confident that one or more of our

POS device protectors will fit your needs as closely as they’ll fit whatever type of POS terminal you’re using.

Canuck Covers have been designed and fabricated with experience and knowledge gained since 2003, servicing businesses who use this important technology.

We understand.

So, browse our selection and find the Canuck Cover that’s right for you.

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