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Premium POS Protective Covers

  • Clean: Free of dirt, oils, fingerprints, etc. from daily handling

  • Dry: Precipitation, beverages, cleaners, any electronics-damaging liquid

  • Secure: Prevents or mitigates breakage due to drops and bumps

  • High-quality materials and design ensure effective, long-lasting protection

  • Models for ALL major POS systems

  • 100% Made In Canada

Find the Canuck Cover that was made for you.

Our range of Covers are made with sturdy nylon frames that protect your POS unit from the most preventable causes of damage: liquids, handling, even drops!

Know the name of your terminal? Search here and it will pull up your perfect Canuck Cover.

Keep your POS Clean, Dry, and Secure


Our Products


The Best All-Around POS Terminal Protection on the Market

Canuck POS Protective Covers offers the best available solutions for the protection of your debit/credit card payment devices against every-day problems. Our range of products features liquid-resistant PVC screens with sturdy nylon frames that fit on all major machine models, saving them from the most preventable causes of damage: liquids, handling, even drops!

Effective and durable, easy to apply and remove, our covers combine with our Canuck Carry Cases (for mPOS devices) to provide the most functional and effective solutions on the market.

We protect more than your payment units…

Canuck Covers protect your business.

Square Carry Case

Not sure which device you have?

CLICK HERE to find yours

and which covers will fit it perfectly!



Installaton Videos
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