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Square Terminal Canuck Carry Case

Another common-sense business solution from Canuck Covers, this bag not only protects your Square Terminal Credit Card Reader, it allows you to keep it where you need it, hands-free. The adjustable cross-body strap makes it comfortable against your body while you do your work. Job done, just bring it out and take payment through the PVC window which (along with the sturdy nylon frame) prevents damage caused by dirt, liquids, and drops. It even has a handy pocket for receipts. Cleans easily: just wipe it down with no worries of exposing the machine’s delicate components to toxic cleansers. Your Square Terminal is protected from all typical daily-use hazards, preventing expensive replacement and repair costs. The Square Canuck Carry Case is a must-have for the mobile service provider.


Fits perfectly on:

Square terminals


Click here to see the Square Canuck Cover Deluxe.

Square Terminal Canuck Carry Case

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