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iPP320 Canuck Cover Deluxe
  • The smartest protection to be found anywhere for this type of POS unit. The all-around coverage from the sturdy nylon frame preserves it from damage caused by liquids and drops to the floor, while its intuitive design permits easy opening for inserts and swipes.
  • The PVC face gives full vision of the display and pin pad and quick sanitization between customers without exposing the delicate machine components to the toxic effects of cleansers.
  • Just wipe down and go on to the next sale, over and over again: no waste of time replacing stick-on plastics which are prone to seepage around the edges, then get thrown away.
  • Reduces your ecological footprint.
  • Feels good in your hand.
  • Makes sense to your business.


Fits perfectly on:

iPP315 (S), iPP320 (S), iPP322 (S), iPP4 (S), iPP5 (S), BL (S), BP (S), DC (S), DD (S), DQ (S), EZ (S), HN (S), NH (S), RC (S)


S: Click the link to see the standard Canuck Cover for the corresponding unit. While not providing full protection (including against drops), the lower-cost standard version does a superb job of keeping your device safe from daily-usage issues such as over-sanitization.

iPP320 Canuck Cover Deluxe

  • Frame: 100% Nylon

    Face: PVC Vinyl

    Made in Canada

    • As your product will be handled frequently, it should be cleaned regularly to maintain its appearance and integrity, using any disinfectant and a microfibre cloth.
    • Avoid bleach products as they will wear down the material and may cause discolouration.
    • Do not dry-clean or iron.
    • To deep clean your cover, remove from payment device and hand wash in hot water with a non-bleach soap. Hang or lay to dry, ensuring it is completely dry before putting back on your equipment.
    • Any liquid is harmful to a POS machine.
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