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Move/5000 Canuck Cover Deluxe
  • Canuck Covers has developed the first, comprehensive solution for problems associated with the day-to-day usage of mobile payment machines.
  • The unit is fully surrounded by a sturdy frame of ripstop nylon that is resistant to water, other liquid spills, UV, mould, and rot.
  • Even better, it reduces the risk of damage from drops to the ground or floor by cushioning the blow and keeping the device and its parts intact. The PVC face permits full vision of the display and pin pad and is easily disinfected without compromising the integrity of the electronics.
  • A quick cleanse and on to the next customer.
  • This deluxe cover, combined with the Canuck Carry Case, was created to meet the specific needs of the mobile/delivery business sector.


  • Fits perfectly on:

Move/5000 (S) (C), IM5G (S) (C), IM5L (S) (C), IM5S (S) (C), RB (S) (C)


S: Click the link to see the standard Canuck Cover for the corresponding unit. While not providing full protection (including against drops), the lower-cost standard version does a superb job of keeping your device safe from daily-usage issues such as over-sanitization.


C: Click the link to see the Canuck Carry Case. Its cross-body strap lets you carry your mobile payment unit hands-free. And with its front pocket for receipts and room for accessories and two rolls of printer paper, it’s the best solution you’ll find for doing business on the go.


Move/5000 Canuck Cover Deluxe

  • Frame: 100% Nylon

    Face: PVC Vinyl

    Made in Canada

    • As your product will be handled frequently, it should be cleaned regularly to maintain its appearance and integrity, using any disinfectant and a microfibre cloth.
    • Avoid bleach products as they will wear down the material and may cause discolouration.
    • Do not dry-clean or iron.
    • To deep clean your cover, remove from payment device and hand wash in hot water with a non-bleach soap. Hang or lay to dry, ensuring it is completely dry before putting back on your equipment.
    • Any liquid is harmful to a POS machine.
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