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The Canuck Covers Story

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

I built the idea to make a POS terminal cover over many years, seeing how an electronic device—that fits in your hand but holds the key to revenue for any business—slips out of somebody’s hand and smashes into pieces on the floor or ground.

No problem! Just get a new one from the provider, right? It’s not that simple.

First, there’s downtime: the wait until this broken payment unit is fixed or replaced. On any day, night, or weekend, that can be bad for business, even crippling.

That’s why I designed Canuck Covers with a sturdy nylon frame to keep the machine intact if it drops. You have complete touch/swipe/insert functionality without having to take the cover off. The clear PVC face lets you see the display and punch the pin pad with no trouble at all.

This combination of high-quality materials gives our covers the added benefit of allowing easy, efficient sanitization between customers. Just spray and wipe with no worries about the harmful effects of cleansers on your machine’s sensitive electronic components. They don’t wreck it as fast as a drop will but there’s no question that over-sanitization is now a leading cause of POS device failure.

Canuck Covers are also environmentally friendly because you don’t change them or dump them into the garbage. Besides, they offer much better protection for your POS terminal, in all respects, than stick-on plastics that get thrown away.

I believe we have the right solution for you or somebody you know. We think the price is modest for such a wise, long-lasting business investment. I’m proud of what we’re doing, and invite you to check us out at

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