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“Little things mean a lot.” Call it a cliché ‘cause it is one. Maybe it’s obvious to you. But sometimes ideas like these are backed up by research.

I came across a study in Services Marketing Quarterly called The Effect of Servicescape Cleanliness on Customer Reactions. It shows that “hygiene management perceived by customers plays an important role in explaining customers’ decision-making process and purchasing behaviour.”

The reason I started designing and making Canuck Covers was to protect retail POS machines from damage due to drops. They have a sturdy frame to cushion impact and prevent the various little parts of the mechanism from scattering. That saves time and trouble.

The sheer PVC face allows you to perform all payment functions without having to remove the cover or replace it, like you do with other products on the market or DIY solutions like plastic film. They don’t do a good job of protecting the machine anyway because cleansers seep in at the edges and degrade the electronics, leading to meltdown.

And those stick-on plastics with the adhesive tape look terrible. You can take the time and effort to change them often (do you want that in your day?) but plastic wrap and sticky tape don’t make a very good impression. They’re a waste of time and unfriendly to the environment. All-around crappy yucky.

You do not throw away our covers. You use them on your POS machines indefinitely. Give them a good cleaning in downtime. Otherwise, it’s just a quick spray and wipe between customers.

Canuck Covers look great. The black nylon frames a clear illumination of the bright display and a clean pin pad that you can punch all day long without wearing out the numbers. We chose a deep red for our logo and think it creates a handsome presentation. Our customers have said their customers like it a lot.

So, back to customer perceptions in that business study, if you think a clean, hygienic, attractive presentation is good for you, we think we can help you. Consider the modest investment of putting Canuck Covers on your payment machines, that critical interface between you and the people who are purchasing your goods or services. Because little things mean a lot.

Good day and good luck from,

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Top is example of Ingenico bad communication message, bottom is example of bad communication on Verifone.
Examples of Bad Commumication

It’s no fun: the customer runs a card on your payment unit, and it says Bad Communication (or TCP error on a Verifone device). Customer sez she/he just used the card so it must be your machine.

Yep, it’s your machine all right. That error message can only mean one thing: it’s not communicating with the bank’s server. Maybe there was a power outage, a storm or something. Doesn’t matter. You want your customer to pay—not walk away.

Your first instinct might be to call the helpdesk but wait…

I’m gonna give you the troubleshooting drill right now. Let’s see if we can get your money-maker shakin’ again in 5 steps that take no more than 5 minutes.

Step 1: Unplug the power from the payment unit. Make a note of what you’re unplugging from where.

Step 2: Unplug the internet router from the power source. (If you are using a secondary switch or router, unplug it as well.) Look at the clock and count down 1 full minute. “How about this weather, hah?”

Step 3: Plug the router back into the power source. Now, wait another minute, please. We’re on our way. The router lights should start flickering. (If you have any secondary switch or router, plug it in once the main router is powered up.)

Step 4: Plug the power back into the payment unit. Let it advance to the sale screen. (If you see a different display, select Payment App to get you to the sale screen.)

Step 5: Finally, take out your own debit card and ring through a sale for 1 penny. A nickel if you can afford to show off.

If you see approved, YOU HAVE DONE IT!

Do your happy dance and put your customer through!

8 times out of 10, this troubleshooting procedure will put you back online. If it doesn’t, your customer and your helpdesk will appreciate the effort. You did your best. You are the best.

Print this up and put it near your POS machine. Or bookmark and come visit us whenever you need the best protection against drops, cleaners, liquids for payment units anywhere.

Good day and good luck from…

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Moneris is Canada’s largest payment processor. Its POS terminals account for 3.5 billion transactions a year.

Canuck Covers is also 100% as all our products are designed and made at our home base in British Columbia. We aim to protect all those Moneris debit card machines from the hazards of every-day usage.

Canuck Covers is not a part of Moneris or otherwise associated with the company. We just want to keep their terminals clean and healthy for you. You can follow the link below and read the article from the Insights page of their website:

We’d like to draw your attention to the following points from the article:

1. “(D)evice sanitation is critically vital for your business to protect your staff and your customers.”

2. “Do not apply water directly to the terminal.”

3. “Do not spray or apply alcohol or disinfectant directly to the device.”

With a Canuck Cover on your Moneris terminal, sanitizing is a breeze because the POS unit is fully protected from liquids, dirt, skin oils, and those corrosive disinfectants. You can clean it between customers all day long. Just. Like. This.

Cleaning an iCT250 with a Canuck Cover on it

I could go on about this, but I think everything has just been said.

There’s a Canuck Cover for every major payment unit on the market, including the fine products made by Moneris.

Protect your customers, your business, and yourself with one of our Canuck Covers at

Good day and good luck from,

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