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Catie sez… “It’s easy to clean your POS machine!”

A payment unit free of dirt, skin oils, spills, etc. will do its job for you all day long, all week, for months, even years. The problem is that even the simplest cleansers, any liquid in fact, will seep in and wreck the electronics. It could happen fast. It could take a while. Either way: bad news. It’ll need servicing or replacement asap.

The good news is that you can sanitize your credit card machine quickly and easily without compromising its health. How? With a Canuck Cover. It has a sturdy nylon frame down the sides (all the way around on Deluxe models) and a clear plastic cover allowing full visibility of the display and pin pad. It’s the best POS protective device cover you’ll find anywhere.

We’d like to say the Canuck Cover is quick and easy to clean as 1 – 2 – 3… but we only get to 2. Just watch:

Spritz and wipe. That’s all there is to it. What we can’t count high enough for is how many times you can do this without ever having to change your POS machine cover. It protects the device from harmful cleaning fluids, liquid spills, all the hazards of daily handling, even drops! And it looks and feels good, too.

We have a Canuck Cover for every major payment unit on the market, at a price we think you’ll agree is a low investment for a long-term business solution. Find the right one for your machine at

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