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Catie sez… “Make Sanitizing your Moneris Terminal a Breeze!”

Moneris is Canada’s largest payment processor. Its POS terminals account for 3.5 billion transactions a year.

Canuck Covers is also 100% as all our products are designed and made at our home base in British Columbia. We aim to protect all those Moneris debit card machines from the hazards of every-day usage.

Canuck Covers is not a part of Moneris or otherwise associated with the company. We just want to keep their terminals clean and healthy for you. You can follow the link below and read the article from the Insights page of their website:

We’d like to draw your attention to the following points from the article:

1. “(D)evice sanitation is critically vital for your business to protect your staff and your customers.”

2. “Do not apply water directly to the terminal.”

3. “Do not spray or apply alcohol or disinfectant directly to the device.”

With a Canuck Cover on your Moneris terminal, sanitizing is a breeze because the POS unit is fully protected from liquids, dirt, skin oils, and those corrosive disinfectants. You can clean it between customers all day long. Just. Like. This.

Cleaning an iCT250 with a Canuck Cover on it

I could go on about this, but I think everything has just been said.

There’s a Canuck Cover for every major payment unit on the market, including the fine products made by Moneris.

Protect your customers, your business, and yourself with one of our Canuck Covers at

Good day and good luck from,


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