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Catie sez… “Where do I sign? I’ll go to the moon!”

The moon

By 2024, humans will return to the surface of the moon.

NASA’s Artemis program intends to send the first woman there, to spend a week on its south pole, collecting samples in areas we’ve never seen before, and setting up the base camp for a potential lunar base. It's always been my dream to go into space.

Woman mechanic under car

The sciences, technology, and mechanics have been my thing since I was very young, from mathematics to rebuilding cars to fixing electronic payment units. These are male-dominated fields but that’s never bothered me. When I got into this industry in the early 2000s, there were a handful of women doing it in Canada. And we’re still at it, our experience leading us to high-ranking positions.

Catie Canuck holding iCT250 Canuck Cover

I’m still at it. My path led to starting Canuck Covers, designing from scratch, and making (100% Canadian) protection for every major payment unit on the market. I hope you’ll look and find the right one for your machine at canuckcovers.ca.

On International Women’s Day, I wish you the best, encourage you to do what you love, and follow your dreams. And I hope to say the same thing to you one day, from space.

Good day and good luck from…

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