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The moon

By 2024, humans will return to the surface of the moon.

NASA’s Artemis program intends to send the first woman there, to spend a week on its south pole, collecting samples in areas we’ve never seen before, and setting up the base camp for a potential lunar base. It's always been my dream to go into space.

Woman mechanic under car

The sciences, technology, and mechanics have been my thing since I was very young, from mathematics to rebuilding cars to fixing electronic payment units. These are male-dominated fields but that’s never bothered me. When I got into this industry in the early 2000s, there were a handful of women doing it in Canada. And we’re still at it, our experience leading us to high-ranking positions.

Catie Canuck holding iCT250 Canuck Cover

I’m still at it. My path led to starting Canuck Covers, designing from scratch, and making (100% Canadian) protection for every major payment unit on the market. I hope you’ll look and find the right one for your machine at

On International Women’s Day, I wish you the best, encourage you to do what you love, and follow your dreams. And I hope to say the same thing to you one day, from space.

Good day and good luck from…

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A payment unit free of dirt, skin oils, spills, etc. will do its job for you all day long, all week, for months, even years. The problem is that even the simplest cleansers, any liquid in fact, will seep in and wreck the electronics. It could happen fast. It could take a while. Either way: bad news. It’ll need servicing or replacement asap.

The good news is that you can sanitize your credit card machine quickly and easily without compromising its health. How? With a Canuck Cover. It has a sturdy nylon frame down the sides (all the way around on Deluxe models) and a clear plastic cover allowing full visibility of the display and pin pad. It’s the best POS protective device cover you’ll find anywhere.

We’d like to say the Canuck Cover is quick and easy to clean as 1 – 2 – 3… but we only get to 2. Just watch:

Spritz and wipe. That’s all there is to it. What we can’t count high enough for is how many times you can do this without ever having to change your POS machine cover. It protects the device from harmful cleaning fluids, liquid spills, all the hazards of daily handling, even drops! And it looks and feels good, too.

We have a Canuck Cover for every major payment unit on the market, at a price we think you’ll agree is a low investment for a long-term business solution. Find the right one for your machine at

Good day and good luck from,

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  • Writer's pictureCatie Canuck

Canuck Covers is a Canadian company that makes POS machine covers. I got the idea after years of seeing debit machines getting wrecked when dropped on the floor or ground. I love solving problems so I designed a cover that would cushion the blow when an “oops” happens, saving that little money-maker from busting into pieces and bringing the cash flow to a sudden stop.

What doesn’t stop is the advance of technology. We have Canuck Covers that fit perfectly on all major payment units on the market, but there’s a relatively new player out there now: the

Square Terminal. It’s gaining popularity with mobile service-providers like landscapers, builders, etc. who work outside in the elements. But it’s a sensitive electronic device.

You gotta protect it!

So, as it did with all the other covers I designed, the Square sent me to my worktable.

I measured it up and sketched out the pattern. And turned on my sewing machine.

This was my fifth test version.

Square Terminal in a Canuck Cover Deluxe

It’s now ready to go. It fits the Square Terminal perfectly and makes it quick and easy to sanitize. That’s because you clean the see-through cover and nylon shell, not the delicate electronics of the payment unit which will corrode and degrade upon contact with any liquid.

Canuck Carry Case

The Square Canuck Cover Deluxe reduces the risk of damage if you drop the unit. Now, what do you say we reduce the risk of dropping it in the first place! That’s where our Canuck Carry Case comes in. It has plenty of room for the Square Terminal, its accessories including two rolls of paper, as well as a handy front pocket for receipts. Even better, it has a long, adjustable shoulder strap so you carry everything right next to your body. No hands needed for carrying = far fewer opportunities to drop or misplace it.

Protect your Square Terminal and avoid costly repair or replacement. Find the Square Canuck Cover Deluxe on the website Shop page, or contact us through ASAP Service at

Because that’s what we do! Great customer service is in our DNA, along with the ability to go mind-to-hand and turn an idea into a real solution.

Good day and good luck from,

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