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Move/5000 Silicone Glove

This silicone cover is made to fit the Ingenico Move/5000 line of handheld terminals. Some users want it because it offers the best-possible bounce protection and shock absorption. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT OFFER LIQUID PROTECTION TO THE FACE OF THE DEVICE.

At Canuck Covers, we believe in customer service, so we sell these silicone covers in single units, instead of making you buy in quantity, and we’ll be pleased to send you what you want.

But while you’re here, why not check out our own products, designed to give your POS machine all-around protection, including from liquid spills, over-sanitization, and daily usage issues.

See the links below.


Fits perfectly on:


Move/5000 (S) (D) (C)


IM5G (S) (D) (C)


IM5L (S) (D) (C)


IM5S (S) (D) (C)


RB (S) (D) (C)


S: Click the link to see the standard Canuck Cover for the corresponding unit. While not providing full protection (including against drops), the lower-cost standard version does a superb job of keeping your device safe from daily-usage issues such as over-sanitization.


D: Click the link to see the Canuck Cover Deluxe for the corresponding unit. The Deluxe provides full protection, even against drops!


C: Click the link to see the Canuck Carry Case. Its cross-body strap lets you carry your mobile payment unit hands-free. And with its front pocket for receipts and room for accessories and two rolls of printer paper, it’s the best solution you’ll find for doing business on the go.



Move/5000 Silicone Glove

  • Clean with water ONLY. Sanitizers cause silicone to discolor and crack. This product is made in China.

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