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My eyes have seen a lot of debit machines that will never go beep again. They were faithfully taking card swipes, finger punches, and churning out profits for their bosses. Sadly, they got over-sanitized. Too much contact with cleansers and they turned to toast. Look at this. (Graphic image!)

VX820 pin pad wrecked by being over sanitized

This girl got cleaned so much, her electronics started to fail, the plastic cracked, and that’s all she wrote. Just a blank face

where a bright, money-making display used to be.

Generation wifi terminal wrecked by sanitizer

It gets worse. Sanitizers wore this baby’s keys down until they cracked. Screen and lid damaged beyond repair. The buttons stopped working. Won’t ever take a payment again. Makes me want to look away.

These horror shows are why I designed the best credit card machine covers you’ll find anywhere. Canuck Covers protect the pin pads, screens, and shells of all major POS devices from harmful alcohol-based cleaners. The sturdy nylon frame and clear, touch-sensitive PVC face also prevent damage from liquid spills, as well as drops to the floor or ground. You can see and operate the buttons and display, easily insert and swipe cards, and sanitize between customers without changing the cover all day long. For weeks and months. Have a look at this happy girl in her Canuck Cover.

Generation wifi with a Canuck Cover Small on

Stop the carnage. Sanitize your credit card machine and keep it on the job a long time in a Canuck Cover!

Good day and good luck from,

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They bring our fave food, Chinese or sushi, pizza, chicken, you-name-it, in daylight or darkness, rain or cold, right to the door piping hot! (Hmm, not the sushi…)

We love our delivery drivers! And we understand them. We’ve seen them come, arms-full up the sidewalk and, if we’re not already stuffing our faces, we’ve seen them rush off to the next address.

That’s why Canuck Covers designed the first-ever Delivery Solution for POS payment units.

It starts with the Canuck Cover Deluxe, a full wrap-around covering that protects the credit card machine from spills and drops. Ever see a payment terminal hit the ground? Bang, the lid pops off and little parts go flying. That’s bad. It’s cash-only until servicing or replacement. Our Deluxe cover keeps those parts intact. And sanitization between customers is a breeze: just wipe and move on, with no fear of wearing the pin pad and internal electronics down to mush.

Part Two of our Delivery Solution is the Canuck Carry Case. With its adjustable cross-body strap, it has room for the POS unit, charger, two rolls of paper, and more inside. Guess what? No hands! They’re free to carry that yummy food with no juggling. It even has a Velcro-close front pocket for receipts. Sturdy and well-put-together, it’s the delivery person’s best friend.

The Canuck Cover Deluxe and Canuck Carry Case make a smart investment for any business that depends on deliveries. They’re available at a surprisingly low price and last a long time, protecting against drops and cleansers. They make a lot of sense. And they look great too! Check them out at and get our Delivery Solution out on your route.

Good day and good luck from,

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Hey, Catie here from Canuck Covers. If you have one of our durable protective covers on your debit machine (or are thinking of getting one at, congratulations! It’s the best POS terminal protection on the market. Here’s all you need to know about keeping it clean.

To disinfect between customers, just give the cover one or two spritzes of an alcohol-based cleaner (at least 70% alcohol) on all contact areas and wipe with a microfibre cloth.

That’s it, that’s all!

Seeing fingerprints on the vinyl face? Glass cleaner works for that. Spray and wipe.

With a Canuck Cover, you don’t have to worry about wrecking your machine’s inner workings, pin pad, etc. with those corrosive liquids.

Our deluxe covers are especially effective if your unit is not mounted on a stand and has to be passed back and forth because they provide all-around coverage PLUS they reduce the risk of damage when it drops to the floor or ground.

Over time, the oil, perspiration, and dirt from so many fingers will cause buildup. Use a little downtime to remove the cover and wash it in warm water with any non-bleach cleaner. Rub with your microfibre cloth, make sure it’s dry, and reinstall.

Finally, you may want to deep clean your cover now and again. Soak in hot water with a non-bleach disinfectant for at least 5 minutes. Rinse well with warm water and hang or lay flat to dry.

In both cases, please make sure the cover is completely dry before reapplying to your device. Moisture and electronics do NOT get along. Canuck Covers can be washed over and over and used to protect your payment machine a long, long time. It’s a beautiful thing!

Good day and good luck from,

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