VX820 Canuck Cover Deluxe
  • The best solution to problems associated with this type of POS unit.
  • The sturdy nylon frame goes all around, saving the machine from damage caused by liquids and drops to the floor, while its intuitive design permits easy opening for inserts and swipes.
  • The PVC face gives full vision of the display and pin pad and quick sanitization between customers without exposing the delicate machine components to toxic cleansers that will ruin them, necessitating service calls.
  • Don’t waste time replacing stick-on plastics: they’re prone to seepage anyway and provide inferior protection.
  • The Canuck Cover looks good to your customers and feels good in your hand.
  • It’s also the right choice for the environment, eliminating the need to throw all those plastics away.


  • Fits perfectly on:

VX820 (S), VX820 DUET (S), VX82 (S)


S: Click the link to see the standard Canuck Cover for the corresponding unit. While not providing full protection (including against drops), the lower-cost standard version does a superb job of keeping your device safe from daily-usage issues such as over-sanitization.


VX820 Canuck Cover Deluxe

  • Frame: 100% Nylon

    Face: PVC Vinyl

    Made in Canada

    • As your product will be handled frequently, it should be cleaned regularly to maintain its appearance and integrity, using any disinfectant and a microfibre cloth.
    • Avoid bleach products as they will wear down the material and may cause discolouration.
    • Do not dry-clean or iron.
    • To deep clean your cover, remove from payment device and hand wash in hot water with a non-bleach soap. Hang or lay to dry, ensuring it is completely dry before putting back on your equipment.
    • Any liquid is harmful to a POS machine.